HEART Markets


Mural is found in the HEART Market at Flathead High School and was created by the Art Students


We also stock personal hygiene products and school supplies in the Markets for the convenience of the students.  The students receive a designation to allow them access to the Markets based on their need, so they can bring their backpacks in and take what they will use.


The HEART Markets are used as a supplementary means for students in need of something to eat at home in the evenings, or over the weekends.  We are always in need of donations, as many of the high school aged students will bring home things for their younger siblings to eat.

Things to Donate:

Granola Bars/Protein Bars/Breakfast Bars

Trail Mix/Crackers/Fruit Cups


Cup-O-Noodles/Easy Mac/Top Ramen

The Kitchen Staff of schools sends wraps, sandwiches, and soup to put in the fridge for students to take home.  A BIG THANKS TO THEM!

The Markets are always stocked with fresh fruit, thanks to our collection bins in the FLATHEAD High lunchroom.  The state mandates that each hot lunch be served with a piece of fruit, normally that fruit is deposited into the trash, students have now been asked to put that fruit in a collection bin.  The bin is taken down to the Market by a student volunteer each day, and I distribute the fruit among the Markets.

I would also like to thank the FLATHEAD FOOD BANK, as they are a constant contributor to the Markets.

You can DONATE at Flathead High, Glacier High, or Linderman Learning Center.

Contact The Heart Locker Donation Pick-up:

Nichole Heyer

Homeless Education Liaison

(406) 751-3630