HEART Locker

The HEART Locker is located at 514 E Washington St.

The HEART Locker is a facility that is set up like a store for the students in need.  This location receives donated clothing, shoes, hygiene products, and school supplies.  All of the items in the Locker are FREE for the students and allows them to have choice in what they wear. Everyone feels better when they look good, and for many of these students “school clothes shopping” is simply not an option.  This facility is NOT open to the public.

The HEART Locker is in the gym.

Each school has their own key to the HEART locker for students who are in need.

We sort on the stage and can always use a extra set of hands

When you have things to DONATE to THE HEART LOCKER you can contact me, or drop the items off at our location: 514 E. Washington St. (right behind Taco Bell), the big brick building the school owns.  We are located in the gym, at the far east side of the building.

Donation Hours:

Monday            8am – 10am

Tuesday           8am – 10am

Wednesday     3pm  – 6pm